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Doctor Consultations


Doctor Consultations

After a certain time, all of us require consulting with a doctor for our general health check-up, regular fever. In some situation, individuals are not in a condition to visiting a clinic also it is a hectic place where you need to wait for your turn which seems to frustrate sometimes. So, it is always better to call a doctor to your home for treating general illness. It is also convenient for the kids and elderly as they also feel relaxed and more comfortable at home during the time of illness.

Senescent Care provides services like physical examination, vitals tracking, and general counseling based on the lab tests and investigation. You would not need to rush to a hospital to get any medical material like Ryle's Tube, Urine Catheter, Tracheostomy, colostomy bag replacement, infusion pump, etc. Also, special measures are taken to deal with medical emergencies like back pain, burns, diabetic emergencies, food poisoning, fainting, fever, heart-related sickness, or any severe injury. Our home visit doctors can prescribe you the medicine, treatment or physiotherapy.


Importance of Doctor Consultations

If someone is going through a medical treatment or recovery phase and require doctor's consultation is regularly required, the we at Senescent Care help you get a doctor who will visit and treat them in comfort of home. You can schedule a doctor visit at home, you can avoid the mobility and waiting issues for you and your loved ones.

When do you need us?

The home visit doctor service is a great service for old people or people who are not in a condition to visit a hospital or clinic and prefer to be treated at home. Some of the services offered by home doctors includes :-

A Doctor's home visit service is very useful for people ailing of orthopedic conditions like fractures, joint replacements, spinal deformities, arthritis etc. Many of these patients are unable to move properly and not able to get out of their home and lead a restrictive life. Use the Senescent Care website to book an appointment and allow us to send one of the best doctors to help you get rid of your pain with a range of home-based health care services.

It's a good practice to keep a check on your health. Regular health check-ups are essential for children and the elderly. Call a Senescent Care faculty at home and stay rest assured about your family's health.

A Diabetic patient requires regular monitoring of blood pressure and blood sugar levels. Apart from that, a doctor's consultation is also a must once every three months. So skip the arduous travel and waiting period at the Doctor's clinic and just book with us a doctor's appointment. A well experienced doctor will guide you through your diet and proper medication.

Services Offered: -Out of the plethora of services offered by Senescent care, some of the doctor consultation services include: -

  • Regular Doctor visits which can be scheduled as per the comfort and convenience of patients.
  • 24 hours medical support available throughout the whole week.
  • Physiotherapy to improve mobility and promote physical action.
  • Medical prescription and Consultation.

Tasks Covered: - At Senescent Care we have a great team for providing the best home-based health care services which are highly trained to handle the following tasks: -

  • Regular monitoring of the vitals.
  • Physical therapy.
  • General check-ups like Blood pressure and blood sugar levels.
  • Proper health track maintenance.