"SENESCENT" - means the process of becoming old. The Healthcare Professionals. Home Healthcare services, with our key objectives to provide best in class health care services for elderly, patients and new born baby and mother at home.


Frequently Asked Questions


No. Physiotherapy follows a scientific approach towards solving problems. While the treatment might involve a few massage-like techniques, these are absolutely anatomically inclined.

The cost per session varies depending on the patient's need and treatment plan.

No. Our experts come to your home and treat you at your convenience.

The maximum duration of each session is 1 hour.

SenescentCare's trained nurse can assist you with post-surgical care, tracheostomy, urine catheterization, suture removal, wound care, injections, and oxygen administration, IV infusion and more.

SenescentCare's trained attendants will help you with administering oral medication, managing feeding tubes, assistance in ambulation, monitoring vitals or patients, personal grooming for the patient and more.

No, our attendant will only help with the daily assistance for the patient and other activities of the patient.

No, our trained attendants are not medical professionals. However, we do train our attendants for daily living assistance and basic medical assistance like vital check and medicine administration.

General Questions

How often a SenescentCare's doctor will visit me?

The frequency of doctor visits varies depending on the patient's needs and treatment plan.

Do I get a complementary doctor visit along with other services from SenescentCare?

Yes. Depending on the patient's need, you will get complementary doctor visits with our care+ packages and nursing services.

Are the services supervised by someone?

Every doctor at SenescentCare is supervised by a specialist MD-level doctor.

Are SenescentCare's doctors reliable?

Yes. Our doctors have more than 4 years of clinical experience on an average.

Why should we avail services through SenescentCare?

SenescentCare is a professionally driven company with the aim to deliver the Healthcare with the best efforts possible. SenescentCare is active in delivering healthcare for 2+ years. SenescentCare aim is simply to ensure best care of its clients / patients and its staff both. You should choose SenescentCare its vast experience in

What exactly will the staff do as part of day-to-day care? What are their responsibilities? Will staff take care of the house-hold activities too?

SenescentCare caregivers are guided by the principle of healthcare priority. Personal attention to the patients or infants is their first priority. You as patient attendant has a very important role to guide the caregivers about dos-and-don'ts. This is in conjunction with the level of care / care program that you have opted for through SenescentCare. Common responsibilities of attendants and nurses include: