"SENESCENT" - means the process of becoming old. The Healthcare Professionals. Home Healthcare services, with our key objectives to provide best in class health care services for elderly, patients and new born baby and mother at home.




Senescent care also provides home nursing care, which involves a wide scope of healthcare services which, for the most part, can be administered at your home. If someone requires post-surgical care, we offer these services at prices, more affordable than hospitals or clinics while being similarly as effective as the services offered in a medical clinic or nursing home.

The main goal of home nursing service is to treat an illness or injury. The home nursing services usually entails wound care for pressure sores or surgical wound, patient and care - giver education, Intravenous or nutrition therapy, injections, rehabilitation therapies and monitoring serious illness and unstable health status.


Importance of Medical Nursing Care

We, at Senescent Care - have a group of very talented medicinal experts including specialists, medical attendants, doctors, and physiotherapists, who are determined to provide long term medical nursing home care services post-hospitalization. The services are provided by registered nurses, physiotherapists, and doctors among others working under the surveillance of senior experts. Also, you need not stress over the quality of service offered by the home attendants.

When Do You Need Us?

The primary goal of our home nursing care is to treat any sickness or injury. The home nursing care generally involves wound care for bruises or surgical wound, nutrition therapy, injections, and recovery treatments and constantly tracking the disease or the health status of the patient.

Get vaccinated at home and stay safe from infectious diseases. We provide vaccination for H1N1, Typhoid, Pneumonia, Hepatitis and more by qualified nurses at home.

Post-surgical care is critical, and includes everything from pain management & feeding to respiratory management & fluid management. Get well sooner under the care of our nurses, who will help you with all of this in the comfort of your home.

Our nurses are well trained and can help you with the process of Urine catheterization care at your home; be it catheter insertion, catheter removal or bladder wash.

Services Offered: - With our medical nursing care program, we provide daily support to the patients after a surgery which helps in reducing the recovery time of the patient. Depending on every patient's needs, individualized services are provided like: -

  • 24 hours of medical support provided by nurses with great experience and critical care training.
  • Home visits by a nurses and doctors which can be scheduled as per patients' comfort
  • 12-24 hours of medical caretaker support
  • Physical therapy.
  • Equipment rentals based on patients' requirements which include facilities Ventilator, Suction Machine, vitals monitor, hospital bed etc.

Tasks Covered: - Our support and healthcare teams are prepared to handle the following tasks: -

  • Improvised personal care which can be adjusted as patient's needs.
  • Assessing general wellbeing and routine check-ups.
  • Guidance and help in mobility.
  • Special care in case of bruises or surgical wounds.