"SENESCENT" - means the process of becoming old. The Healthcare Professionals. Home Healthcare services, with our key objectives to provide best in class health care services for elderly, patients and new born baby and mother at home.

Trained Attendants


Trained Attendants

At Senescent Care, we have a group of well-trained attendants. Our attendants also referred to as caregivers take care of all the daily activities and needs of the patient whether they require help in feeding, dressing or housekeeping, our attendants are also trained to track the health status of the person by regularly monitoring vitals like pulse, heart rate, and blood pressure to name a few.

We help our patients in their daily needs and in the comfort of their own home. Our attendants are trustworthy and trained in managing the patient's daily work be it bathing, grooming, feeding. You can contact Senescent Care for any short term or long-term need, you can likewise schedule visits of experts like doctors, physiotherapists or nurses according to patients' necessity. You can also rent our medical for certain tests which can be directed in your home.



All our medical attendants are qualified and experienced to deal with the patient alone and with our experience, we have seen that you don't require a nurse always at home for the patient. attendants can provide the second level of care for non-critical patients and that too at much affordable prices.

When do you need us?

If any of your loved one requires some special care at home for daily activities like grooming, bathing and movement, we understand you need and provide the best in the industry service of attendants which will help the patient or elderly with their daily activities and monitor their wellbeing daily.

If you have an elderly loved one who needs support and assistance with daily activities, we give them the care and compassion they deserve. Get our 12 / 24-hr trained attendant service at home.

Both mother and newborn need constant attention while feeding, bathing, housekeeping, and more. The support of a well-trained attendant at home will do them wonders.

Looking after someone who has just undergone surgery can be stressful for the family. However, a trained in-home attendant can make things easier by keeping a check on the patient's essential vitals and supporting the family.

Services Offered: -Under our trained attendants home care program, we provide the best experienced medical attendants in the country who have been trained professionally to provide the best in class services, some of which includes: -

  • General care of the needs and errands of the elderly in the home and helping in daily activities like grooming.
  • Mother and baby care under post-natal pregnancy care services.
  • Post-surgery care which covers all the needs of a patient recovering after surgery.
  • Medical prescription and Consultation.

Tasks Covered: - The following tasks are taken care of by our trained attendants under this program: -

  • Taking care of all the needs of the clients.
  • Guidance in walking and movement.
  • Massages and Physical therapy to increase the speed of recovery.
  • Helping with other house-hold activities and needs of patients like planning meals and laundry.